Blockchain Developer Salary South Africa


Blockchain development has taken the top position at the most required skill and profession. In a report, Upwork found that blockchain developer is the second most profession needed in skill market all across the globe. The popularity of blockchain profession in South Africa also increase day-by-day and professionals also get high pay for their jobs. The popularity of blockchain technology gains steam in the field of business and finance, and the number of such companies grows as well.

Big companies and new companies alike are searching for developers in the field of blockchain development all across South Africa, but finding the right professional is a big challenge. But by the help of our community, you can find a reliable blockchain developer to complete your project.

In 2018, a survey was conducted to measure the requirement of blockchain professionals in South Africa and result found that blockchain developers demand in South Africa is increasing day by day people are also keenly interested in becoming a blockchain professional. In current time, blockchain developer freelancer can earn $150 per hour in South Africa. And a full-time blockchain professional can make $130k per year or more. So by becoming a blockchain professional, you are not only technological advance but also economical advance.

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